IMVU Client Download History

IMVU Desktop:

  • 12.3.1: Windows Installer (153,958KB) Mac DMG (131,823KB)
    • IMVU’s bug patrol has been hard at work squashing bugs and making various fixes and improvements.

IMVU Classic:

  • 545.0: Windows Installer (37,989KB) Mac DMG (65,673KB)
    • - Require chat communication to use improved security.
    • - Fix an issue where 'Use Blending' can make meshes disappear.
    • - Fix infinite loading when clicking on Pulse Mode.
    • - Fixed compatibility issue. When Opacity is set to Blending in Studio, it now correctly renders in Create Mode.
    • - Fixed transparency mode issue in Classic for products that were created in IMVU Studio.
    • - Opacity and diffuse maps of different sizes are now properly compatible.
    • - Resolved Create Mode crashing when utilizing particles.
    • - Fix a bug with room decoration. Some users know this as the chubby room issue;
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