IMVU Client Download History

IMVU Desktop:

  • 13.7.9: Windows Installer (163,903KB) Mac DMG (138,095KB)
      • Room Decoration in Chat - If you are the host of a room, you can now easily switch between chatting with your friends and decorating your room.
      • Shop This Room - In any Chat Room, you can now view and shop for any room or furniture product, or any product a participant in a room is wearing.

    IMVU Classic:

    • 547.0: Windows Installer (38,018KB) Mac DMG (65,693KB)
      • - Updated communication security to permit continued communication with IMVU servers.
      • - Fixed the white square bug.
      • - Fix for actions with 'longer effects ends' with a '0' animation loop count not running at all in some cases.
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