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IMVU Gruppen sind ein Weise wie man sich unterscheiden kann und Andere kennen lernen kann. Die Gruppen sind unterteilt auf Basis von Hobby, Stil, persönliche Glauben, und viel mehr. Interessiert mit Anderen zu chatten über die letzten Auto Neuigkeiten oder mit Twilight Fans? Werde Mitgleid in einer Gruppe und fange an beizutragen! Gruppenmitglieder können interagieren, Ideen austauschen und Andere zu Gruppen einladen. Mit zehntausenden von Gruppen wirst Du bestimmt Gruppen finden die Hobbies, interessen, und Glauben teilen.

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Notes of Church and other ranked members only stuff

NewPost by RavenTears1 on 12/13/2017 02:52:39pm
 Sticky: Re: Remove from DP Mc Rp
"ElijahColinKaulitz: Welcome Kaos KaosFrenzy: Wall..."

  • Besitzer: IKalikaI
  • Rubrik: Rollenspiele
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Far out in the vast hidden Deserts of California, lies one of the chapters for the DPMC.

NewPost by IKalikaI on 12/13/2017 02:52:20pm
 Sticky: Kaos..President of Alabama turning in his cut and...
"ElijahColinKaulitz: Welcome Kaos KaosFrenzy: Wall..."

  • Besitzer: XxMRxLOYALxX
  • Rubrik: Unterhaltung & Kunst
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wlcome to loyal empire nothing but the baddest dancers on imvu come join the family

NewPost by LaLengua on 12/13/2017 02:52:13pm
 Re: Strip Club Ads

  • Besitzer: DrChanii
  • Rubrik: Gesundheit
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You’ve just gotten the news: You’re pregnant! Now it’s time to decide the best environment for bringing your baby into the world, Welcome To Peaceful Maternity we are here for you! Since 2011

NewPost by MsMandyLuciano on 12/13/2017 02:51:59pm
 Sticky: Re: Dr Chan's Patients Record Form!
"Completed -MsMandyLuciano"

  • Besitzer: SoulFireSensation
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Motorcycle CLub

NewPost by SoulFireSensation on 12/13/2017 02:51:15pm
 Re: Departed and/or Blacklisted People/MCs
"Departed and/or Blacklisted People/MCs Eli..."

  • Besitzer: Puns
  • Rubrik: Rollenspiele
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This is the El Carmen Sessions. Each thread is a different RP and the conversations among each RP are to stay among themselves

NewPost by Puns on 12/13/2017 02:49:06pm
 Combat & RP Training
"This Category of training will be led by Uri (Okur..."

  • Besitzer: BeautiifullDesire
  • Rubrik: IMVU
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Hello & Welcome to Platinum Dymondz Modeling & Magazine. Our mission and goal is to being you the hottest models and speak on subject hidden from the world today.

NewPost by Guest_miamackay9 on 12/13/2017 02:48:40pm
"Avi name : miamackay9 (Mackenzie Joalax) Date: 1..."

  • Besitzer: testyBunny
  • Rubrik: Rollenspiele
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We do it all here. We do not discriminate. We're accepting here. So leave me a message if you'll like to join. We make our own story lines.

NewPost by Guest_LunaKiron on 12/13/2017 02:46:30pm
 Re: Vitae ~ Luna
"Alexus hummed gently, then slid his hands along Ma..."

  • Besitzer: Amezyarak
  • Rubrik: Rollenspiele
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¡Explora el mundo de Golarion! Una época de profecías perdidas ha cubierto el mundo. Pero no todo está perdido, pues los días oscuros proporcionan grandes oportunidades de aventuras y de heroísmo.

NewPost by Amezyarak on 12/13/2017 02:44:33pm
 Sticky: Re: Aventuras y escenas
"[b]¡Actualizado![/b] [b]Peticiones de las..."

  • Besitzer: KateHilton
  • Rubrik: IMVU
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Find and share all of the best badges on IMVU.

NewPost by Msleeara on 12/13/2017 02:44:00pm
 Re: Hunting for bottle badges
"You're very welcome."

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