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IMVU Gruppen sind ein Weise wie man sich unterscheiden kann und Andere kennen lernen kann. Die Gruppen sind unterteilt auf Basis von Hobby, Stil, persönliche Glauben, und viel mehr. Interessiert mit Anderen zu chatten über die letzten Auto Neuigkeiten oder mit Twilight Fans? Werde Mitgleid in einer Gruppe und fange an beizutragen! Gruppenmitglieder können interagieren, Ideen austauschen und Andere zu Gruppen einladen. Mit zehntausenden von Gruppen wirst Du bestimmt Gruppen finden die Hobbies, interessen, und Glauben teilen.

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Quality over Quantity.

NewPost by iiBeauti on 05/24/2017 06:43:32pm
 Re: Candy Alphabet (art by RK)
"Bought sticker!!!"

this a Star Wars group page you can join the Rebel Alliance or the Sith Empire, from Clone Wars to the New Ages, you can make up your own Star Wars

NewPost by Mamandos on 05/24/2017 09:58:20pm
 Re: here a list of Jedi High council memebers
"I asked that went I first got here and found out m..."

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Welcome to Unity Modeling Inc. We are pleased to open a new group where we help beginners become excellent developers and models while also improving the skills of the intermediate model.

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We do it all here. We do not discriminate. We're accepting here. So leave me a message if you'll like to join. We make our own story lines. There will be five open RP threads for multiplayers.

NewPost by LucyDarkblade on 05/24/2017 09:57:58pm
 Re: .T.E.E.T.H. [RP With Bunny]
"[center][size=11px] Clyde looked at Kyle hearing..."

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Pledge Book For The Pledges Of Zeta Mu

NewPost by Zuhia on 05/24/2017 09:57:18pm
 Sticky: Re: Issa Date
"I had went on a date with Se Deity Vivid/Kiara and..."

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Join,Advertise,Get Connected with other developers/Graphic designers, share your talent and influence others and make new friends,Join The Crew 'No One Is Never Alone''

NewPost by Elpkis on 05/24/2017 05:47:08pm
 Re: [TC] State your name
"Welcome to The Crew Ladies and Men. Feel free to p..."

  • Besitzer: XxAbyssalWolfxX
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Welcome to Exoith. A fantasy realm. Dark Aged Role-Plays, Modern Fantasy Role-plays, Future Fantasy Based Roleplays. Most of the Role-plays will take place in Exoith, however there are other realms.

NewPost by XxAbyssalWolfxX on 05/24/2017 09:38:16pm
 Re: { RP } Slyria: City of Mira
"Watching the reaction of this young looking woman..."

  • Besitzer: RavenSullivan
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A clan of Camorra Empire operating in the UK and Sicily..Recruitment-Business-Import and Export.. Seeking Loyal RP family members who crave fun and danger..

NewPost by RavenSullivan on 05/24/2017 09:51:47pm
"[size=20px][b][i][center]The Camorra is based in C..."

  • Besitzer: lEvilSinsl
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A Harry Potter Roleplay.

NewPost by KatxKitty on 05/24/2017 09:51:40pm
 Sticky: Re: Chat
"I don't have a teacher"

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Welcome To Variance Inc! Here you'll become a member of one of our four houses; competing to earn yourself, and your house points!

NewPost by Hom1c1dalQueen on 05/24/2017 09:41:32pm
 Sticky: Re: [Contest] Room Challenge
"[center] [img]"

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