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“Pixel My Heart To The Moon And Back”

~Badge Group~ Pixel Our Hearts With Your Lovely Art Message The owner to join

Membership: Invite only
Group Owner: CandiAluriaNight
Category: Hobbies
Date Formed: 2014-09-07 16:50:44
Members: 1269

The Soapbox


Active Members

    Prince sekaiichi hatsukoi badge Lord Liu Bei Ma Chao Zhao Yun Ma Dai
    Witchy Nights
    + GASR Forum + Tentacle pt.1 Tentacle pt.2 Faith in Emerz Magically Red Marble Soda Moon
    Little Heathen Little Heathen2 i am an artist. Polyamorous and Proud BYEEE Brat Queen
    Intergalactic Mermaid QT Pie
    Blow Me Royal2Me 100% mermaid
    I Have Yours I love my baby.. Happily Married CAUTION! I
    Endless summer
    Puppy Tower little stinker Superstition of the Night

Moon Chat


Shamrock: 3 Ten Tile Badges Only 10K Till Midnight.

Kack: Succubus is up and ready for donations! :)

Guest_Neptoonies: Boo girl up for donation!

Shamrock: cute badge up for donation

IostDream: 42k left then unbuyable

CandiAluriaNight: Guys meet our new co ownee iostdream

IostDream: Hi, guys. We're going to be doing some cleaning in the group the next few days.

CandiAluriaNight: Next week I'll be sending out messages and fixing things up in here going to need new mods

ExquisiteSaphire: [] last chance to get my badges 1st 10 ppl...

ExquisiteSaphire: 3 Days left to buy my badge b4 they retire! Get ALL my badges for 170k via DT or buy via Sticker!

ExquisiteSaphire: 1 week left till ALL my badges will be retired! BUY NOW! while U still can check out my shop!

Borks: Selling some premade badges! (Bells) Pm if interested

ExquisiteSaphire: Buy now! while you still can before they are ALL retired! check out my shop for my badges!

CarrotCakie: Badge Tracker Updated as of 3/12/17 (: D

CarrotCakie: (: D Badge Tracker has been updated (: D

Borks: Taking donations for "just feed me already" []...

Newsie: [] Thestral Patronus badge 165k left to go

Cappster: Pon and Zi Dontations! Please help me <3

CandiAluriaNight: Welcome back the badge trackr

ExquisiteSaphire: Retiring ALL my badges May 14th! till then they are 50% off get them now! while you still can!

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