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“~Chaotic Creations~”

This is a group for everyone who loves my designs and is a supporter of me. If anyone wants anything special made or have any requests. Let me know here or put them on my hp.

Membership: Open
Group Owner: Jynxxed
Category: Hobbies
Date Formed: 2009-12-10 08:45:59
Members: 529

The Soapbox


New support Stickers

You love Chaotic Creations. Want to support my developing. Then please help out and purchase a sticker showing your support.

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Active Members

    DarkMald Boot Death Bottle Cat Lover Macabres Grave Gold Headphones Skull stand Defeat? Die. Get ready for your coffin.
    6Black 38Black Heartbeat ANIM Bone Letters I1 Bone Letters N1 Bone Letters S1 Heartbeat ANIM 2 ¶Merchandise Blackout blank badge 1 2013-07-17 14:39:02 blank badge 2 2013-07-17 14:39:02
    Chaotic Creations Sinner Pt 1 Sinner Pt 2 Joker and Harley Till Death Do us Part Bloody Savage Alphabet Badge ~C~ Alphabet Badge ~M~ Alphabet Badge ~F~ 2 Alphabet Badge ~O~ 2
    Harlem AA Z aaa Queenie M9roo3 .:DONATELLA:. xlxAzabachexlx
    ViceRose HK Designs ICO Elite Badge Wolf Haven Badge AugustTearDrop Free Derives Group Dom/sub
    IMVU Content Creator Tier 3 Badge IMVU Content Creator Tier 4 Badge ViceRose xLyynus Buy My Products True Furry Developer
    IMVU Content Creator Tier 4 Badge with love, Ballet love bunny wat do u lookin at <.
    emo anime girl
    Bad Bish.
    Silky Letters - E Silky Letters - I Silky Letters - O Silky Letters - P Chaotic Creations Sinner Pt 1 Sinner Pt 2
    Night CatSciousness The Most Purrfect of Them All SNATCH Dancer Tristins Mask Tristins Feathers Tristins Flock Trust No One
    Sinner Pt 1 Sinner Pt 2 I KICK ASS Love is a Battlefield Magically Delicious Life is Short so buy my badges right now LOL love yall Love is a Lie

Holla Board


Daralyth: New files in my shop!!!! Come take a look!!!

Jynxxed: Two New Furry Files Added

NachtPuppe: New Freshmen hair with resell. Limited!

NachtPuppe: New Sparkle Wingz in NiiChan W/Resell. Mass section.

NachtPuppe: New files with resell!

NachtPuppe: Buy vip and get any mass or limited file free!


NachtPuppe: I need to stop buying, I'm broke xD

NachtPuppe: Randomly joined. Nice group :) I'd open a sales if I could afford it x.x

MisSage: Thanks for the invite :)

Jynxxed: Your most welcome.Glad to have you here.

NoemieDenfer: thank you so much for the invitation :)

XxSerinMayhemxX: looking for some Insperational screen shots all kinds male fem Thank you

ACKV: I want to make some good rooms and learn meshes

ACKV: I want to make some good rooms and learn meshes

Jynxxed: Free Valentines Day Mesh up for grabs <3

XxSerinMayhemxX: FREE DP WORK!! oriced at 2k and 4k for single and couple!!!! QUICK QUICK QUICK!!!

XxSerinMayhemxX: Also 1st couple single DP will be free orderss in quick before someone gets too it 1st!!!

XxSerinMayhemxX: Premoting my art so here we go with a freeby 1st 2 single dp orders FREE priced at 2k!!!!

Jynxxed: Lust did. I left the thread up for a couple of days. I most likely closed it to early. I am sorry...

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