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IMVU Gruppen sind ein Weise wie man sich unterscheiden kann und Andere kennen lernen kann. Die Gruppen sind unterteilt auf Basis von Hobby, Stil, persönliche Glauben, und viel mehr. Interessiert mit Anderen zu chatten über die letzten Auto Neuigkeiten oder mit Twilight Fans? Werde Mitgleid in einer Gruppe und fange an beizutragen! Gruppenmitglieder können interagieren, Ideen austauschen und Andere zu Gruppen einladen. Mit zehntausenden von Gruppen wirst Du bestimmt Gruppen finden die Hobbies, interessen, und Glauben teilen.

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Group where web programmer are here. Especially based on PHP and MySQL. So Please join here and you'll find another case for your project along with solution

Here is the alternate version of my old group, looking for singles friends and back people. This is where you will establish close bonds, friendships and a sense of family. If you are looking for love than this place we can help you find that to...

This group is all about guys meeting other guys, whether you're looking for a serious relationship or a strictly online BF, this is the place. This room is also Bi and Furry Friendly. HATE-FREE-ZONE

NewPost by Leon1138 on 10/18/2017 04:43:16am
 New to game, interested in anything hahaha
"Heya, im leon from thailand living in japan right..."

  • Besitzer: oXDollFaceXo
  • Rubrik: Liebe & Beziehungen
  • Anzahl: 82 Mitglieder
  • Aktiv: vor 4 Stunde(n)

Come join us and meet some new friends.. Join us in our public room. Themed parties to come and some private parties, invite only. giggles

NewPost by Kaderina on 10/18/2017 01:45:04am
"You forgot to ask the next person Crush.."

I love you my sweet

Where there is a Dream Wedding there is a way Decent prices and good packaging ideas

  • Besitzer: RyokoDragonix
  • Rubrik: Liebe & Beziehungen
  • Anzahl: 26 Mitglieder
  • Aktiv: vor 19 Stunde(n)

Dragonix Family It's a place for everyone who wants to find love and understanding.

NewPost by Guest_Haishaforever28 on 10/17/2017 10:14:21am
 Sticky: Re: Please introduce Yourself
"My name Haisha Michelle nieves Cruz age 29 year ol..."

  • Besitzer: IsisAmor
  • Rubrik: Liebe & Beziehungen
  • Anzahl: 112 Mitglieder
  • Aktiv: vor 1 Tag(en)

With many years experience of doing weddings on IMVU, Let Amor Enterprise see what We can do for you! This is the happiest time of your lives together as one! Let us make your day a day to remember!

NewPost by LilyMorteDeCoeur on 10/16/2017 08:50:11am
"Name: [color=purple][b]Age: 49 Years on IMV..."

WARNING!!! The entire Collaborative Fan Fiction has been completely corrupted by Bill Cipher's Weirdmaggedon, Asura's Insane Wavelength, The Devil's Corruption, etc.

a group for the girls that are Ryan's

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