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Group for the Dawning Developers Contest.

NewPost by DawningDevelopers on 09/30/2014 07:18:39pm
 Sticky: Re: DawningDevelopers Sponsorship
"I'd like to thank TeenyWeenyNana for acceptin..."

  • Besitzer: Puma
  • Rubrik: IMVU
  • Anzahl: 12307 Mitglieder
  • Aktiv: vor 1 Stunde(n)

A group where you can find the best tutorials, where you can ask ANY questions and be given answers by pro devs, designing, codes, modeling or why not, just a awesome place to have fun ;)

NewPost by Terrell on 09/30/2014 07:06:34pm
 Sticky: Re: :: NEW PRODUCTS ::
"[size=10px]rnCheck out my new skins :)rnrn[center]..."

  • Besitzer: JazzMood
  • Rubrik: Regional
  • Anzahl: 62188 Mitglieder
  • Aktiv: vor 2 Stunde(n)

La Comunidad Latina. Ayuda y tema abierto para cubrir todas las necesidades e interrogantes de nuestros compañeros de habla hispana en IMVU. Temas de discusión y posteos, preferible sean en español.

NewPost by llKeisyll on 09/30/2014 06:20:39pm
 Re: [concurso] Solo para Chicas!
"yo no he recibido el mio aun D: esta en mi wl rnht..."

  • Besitzer: FirstLookDeveloping
  • Rubrik: Spaß & Sonstiges
  • Anzahl: 2104 Mitglieder
  • Aktiv: vor 2 Stunde(n)

This is a GA group for contests, games, and advertising. We welcome any and all people who want to participate in a great environment and just have fun.

NewPost by camerabug18 on 09/30/2014 06:05:20pm
 Re: Active Members - 1000 credits for saying Hi an...
"hello posted in 1,2, don't skipp a few"

  • Besitzer: VAMPKILLER1
  • Rubrik: Rollenspiele
  • Anzahl: 23037 Mitglieder
  • Aktiv: vor 3 Stunde(n)

What happens when vampires and slayers are put together? They fight, but who is stronger? They fall in love but will it last? Or will blood continue to stain the streets? But who's blood. . .

NewPost by Ravilan on 09/30/2014 05:32:34pm
 Re: Hotel

  • Besitzer: PoseCentral
  • Rubrik: Entwickler & Unternehmer
  • Anzahl: 11333 Mitglieder
  • Aktiv: vor 3 Stunde(n)

The most Advanced Avatars on IMVU.Competitions,Tutorials,VisNova Products,Developer Support and Promotion Incentives and More

NewPost by xMysticSoulx on 09/30/2014 05:08:18pm
 Sticky: Re: ::oCredX
"[center][size=16px]Be sure to check-out the awesom..."

  • Besitzer: AsalynaJ
  • Rubrik: Spaß & Sonstiges
  • Anzahl: 3402 Mitglieder
  • Aktiv: vor 4 Stunde(n)

German Dreams. Einer Gruppe, gefüllt mit Träumen :). Überwiegend deutsche & nette Mitglieder, freuen uns über jeden Post & über jeden neuen Menschen :). Viel Spaß <3

NewPost by CetraMel on 09/30/2014 04:32:45pm
 Sticky: Re: Vorstellungsraum
"Hey, ist ja schön dass immernoch welche hier..."

  • Besitzer: Catbones
  • Rubrik: Unterhaltung & Kunst
  • Anzahl: 7309 Mitglieder
  • Aktiv: vor 21 Stunde(n)

Discussion of art and graphics in the IMVU community, including artist's tools, software, techniques - especially related to avatar art, imvu fan-art, and generally IMVU'centric computer art.

NewPost by MrsClvss on 09/29/2014 11:01:44pm
 Sticky: Re: New art showcase thread!
"[center] ~Possessed Butterfly Premade~rnJoin My Gr..."

  • Besitzer: jackthedutch
  • Rubrik: Religion
  • Anzahl: 768 Mitglieder
  • Aktiv: vor 1 Tag(en)

True Christianity is a gathering of christians from different countries, cultures and denominations. We believe in individual relationship with Jesus, and therefore will not judge others here!

NewPost by PurrPoise on 09/29/2014 07:27:48pm
"Thank you. When transparency does not work, we kno..."

  • Besitzer: MR1528
  • Rubrik: Entwickler & Unternehmer
  • Anzahl: 1969 Mitglieder
  • Aktiv: vor 1 Tag(en)

A new version of my previous auction group. Creators, come here and share your creativity by auctioning pieces of your imagination to other creators. Everyone is welcome to drop in and have fun.

NewPost by moni1hotmommy on 09/29/2014 03:09:45pm
 Sticky: Re: Showcase
"[center] rn ..."

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